I hope you enjoy the photographs on this website, which I have created for those who would like to see my work and for those who would like to purchase photographs.

This website contains a limited selection of my photographs.  I have many more in each of these categories and others. If you would like to see additional photos, please contact me.

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Alaska Bird 210wFALL 2015 - WINTER 2016
Sam's of Gedney Way will be exhibiting:

COLOR PHOTOGRAPHS - By Linda Austrian, Michael Friedman, H. David Stein, Bonnie Talluto, and Helen Arbor Young

50 Gedney Way, White Plains, NY
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Luis Armstrong Eternity Band 200wPhotos in Online Review
Michael Friedman's photos are featured in TheaterScene.net's January 10, 2014 review of David Ostwald and his Louis Armstrong Eternity Band at Birdland. The review includes the photo left and individual photos of each musician.

View the TheaterScene.net review here.